Board & Staff

Brothers Rugby Club Management Committee

President – David Hine

Vice President – Geoff Rodgers

Secretary – Graeme Linklater

Treasurer – Desiree Cullen

Committee Member – Sean Hardman

Committee Member – Bernie Hogan

Committee Member – Scott Jenson

Committee Member – Anthony McDermott

Committee Member – Jon Irwin

Brothers Rugby Club Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Matt Kaye

Rugby Manager – Michael Bell

Operations Manager – Jason Neylon

Administration/Registrar – Karen Nichols

Digital Communications Coordinator – Liza Read

Touch Football & School Participation Coordinator – Mitch Felsman

Bookkeeper – Nicole Elkington

Groundskeeper – Alan Anderson

Our Vision

To create a modern sporting facility that supports the needs of the community, continues our connection as a family club, is adaptable, is sympathetic to the environment, promotes participation and inclusiveness, and provides a platform for commercial sustainability into the years to come.