Modified Rugby Program

2020 MRP Juniors, MRP Colts, MRP Colts 7’s, MRP 7’s PLUS & ALL PlayerMentors

GingerCloud supports families with girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities

For more information about specific MRP divisions,
contact Marc Eslick, Chief Operating Officer

All MRP Juniors, MRP Colts, Colts 7’s  7’s Plus Players pay ONLINE through Rugby Xplorer at the time of registering.


2020 Registration Fees and Season Dates are:


  • MRP Juniors $295 – 13 week season.
  • MRP Colts, Colts 7’s & Colts 7’s Plus $325 – 17 week season.
  • TRAINING for all teams is on Thursdays 5.00-6.00pm Bottom Field @ Crosby Park with first training on THURSDAY 19 March.
  • Home MRP Games played at Crosby Park, 103 Crosby Road Albion on Saturday from 7.30-8.25am.   First Games are on Saturday 2nd May 2020.
  • Please refer to the draw for details each week.


2020 REGISTRATION Enquiries Contact Marc Eslick Chief Operating Officer 

QGrant “FairPlay” 2020 – Round 2

ROUND 2 Opens January 2020 – (ROUND 1 CLOSED)
Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher up to $150 (GST inclusive) for their child aged from five to 17 (inclusive) to be used towards registration fees. Click below for more details.

Email or post voucher to Brothers Rugby Club once players are registed and paid for in Rugby Xplorer and Brother will reimburse once the voucher credit is paid to the Club (usually within the week).

Click here for How to Apply for “FairPlay Vouchers” & Fact Sheets

2018 MRP Mentor Registration


All Player Mentors and Coaches MUST register as MRP PLayer Mentors (Non-Playing Volunteers – No Charge) to participate in the program.
Please click here to Register for 2018 (Free of Charge)

2020 Information


After five highly successful Modified Rugby Program (MRP) seasons, we’re excited to be offering places for the 2020 season for boys and girls with learning and perceptual difficulties who will be partnered with Player Mentors from our club.


The MRP allows children and their families who have never had the opportunity to play a team sport to join our incredible Brothers community.


Here’s a great MRP Rugby HQ story featuring Tim Horan AM filmed at Brothers in August 2015.

The PlayerMentor Leadership Program


Central to the MRP’s success is the GingerCloud PlayerMentor Leadership Program, delivered through weekly videos featuring MRP Ambassadors Nathan Sharp and Tim Horan AM. PlayerMentors will support their MRP Player on the field and will share their passion for rugby, experience the sheer power of giving back and learn about leadership and mentoring whilst playing Rugby the game they love. Here’s a PlayerMentor video  about what it means to be a PlayerMentor.

MRP Values and Objectives


Central to MRP’s success is its focus on the values of:


  • Inclusion
  • Responsibility
  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment
  • Community engagement
  • Continual Improvement


These core values have resonated across the rugby community.


The MRP was developed by GingerCloud Foundation, whose founders Megan and Anthony Elliott are from our club community, in association with the QRU and proudly piloted at our club in 2014.

MRP Season Dates


  • MRP Juniors – 2020 season runs for 13 weeks with first training on Thursday 19 March 2020
  • MRP Colts, MRP 7’s & 7’s Plus – 2020 season runs for 17 weeks with first training on Thursday 19 March 2020


Full Program Details
To find out more about this ground breaking program, please see the MRP pages of the GingerCloud website or contact Marc Eslick on 3547 9090