Brothers Rugby Fraternity

The Brothers Rugby Fraternity was originally founded in 2003 to promote, strengthen and utilise the existing links between the five (5) Brothers Old Boys Rugby Club’s across Queensland for the mutual benefit of all our Clubs.

From this original meeting our Fraternity of Brothers Club’s, we have continued to grow across Australia and New Zealand with the Fraternity affiliating with the New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation in 2005.

The Fraternity has also been actively reviving our links in Ireland, Great Britain and South America, with other Brothers Old Boys Clubs who share a similar history and background by welcoming them back into the Global Brothers Family.

The Fraternity of Brothers Club’s aims to provide a home away from home for any wandering Brothers Old Boy from all over the world, as either a player or supporter no matter where they might be.

Brother Rugby Fratenity


All Little Bros, U6-U16, Junior Colts (U17 & U18), Girls, MRP, Women, Colts & Grades