Elite Development Program

The Rohrig Elite Development Program (EDP) provides a pathway for emerging men’s and woman’s rugby talent to maximise their rugby and career development through a holistic high-performance program to assist aspiring athletes and professionals pursue their life endeavours.

 It offers young players the opportunity to train and play at one of the largest and most successful rugby clubs in Australia and be part of the supportive and spirited Brothers community.

The Rohrig EDP provides holistic development and education to further the participants’ potential through high quality coaching, education and mentoring from some of Queensland’s leading industry professionals and Rugby coaches. The aim is to build both rugby and life skills and create networks that help the participants achieve their goals in the short and long term.

The strength of the Rohrig EDP is the focus on the individual. The program is tailored to enable each player to reach their potential within a successful team environment, with the intention of helping individuals to become not only great players but also great people. The program commences with a 3-day Performance Camp on the last weekend of January each year where a squad is then identified and selected.

On-field Program

The program is designed to build the physiological capabilities, performance mindset, core skills and position specific skill set of each player. Each EDP member receives individualised strength and conditioning programs, recovery, nutrition education, performance reviews, tracking and a progressive skill development program.

  1. Core Skills & Position specific development

Training sessions are focussed on individual core skills, position specific skill development and individual skill deficiency work. Players train every week on a Wednesday night from February to August (26 weeks). This is in addition to the players’ regular team training sessions.

  1. Strength and Conditioning training

Players are given individualised periodised strength programs throughout the pre-season and in-season phase and are regularly tracked and reviewed.

  1. Diet and nutrition advice

Players are educated on effective sports nutrition to help them with increased energy levels, improved performance and both training/game recovery. This includes skin folds, nutrition education seminars, hydration strategies and if required customised supplement plans.

  1. Wellness assessment

Players are closely monitored weekly throughout the season to ensure their overall wellness and health is upheld.

Off-field Program

  1. Goal setting and reviews

At the start of the season, each player is required to set both on-field and off-field goals for the season/year. These goals are reviewed in monthly group workshop sessions.

  1. Education and Leadership

Development Leveraging the Brothers business network, regular seminars are held for the players on topics such as leadership, winning mindset and decision making.

  1. Player Mentoring and Networking

Our mentor program is designed to provide motivation and guidance to the players with their on-field and off-field goals. The Brothers extensive former player and corporate network is accessed to provide the players’ with an appropriate mentorship throughout the program.

  1. Pathways

We leverage the Brothers Rugby Club business and community network to facilitate future career pathway options for our players, including:

a) Construction Industry Pathways for players interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry, Rohrig Constructions and our leading program partners will assist the right candidate in attaining an apprenticeship in their chosen field.

b) Other Industry/Career Opportunities Once the player’s desired pathway is understood, we will explore the Brothers network to identify possible employment opportunities and connect the player with appropriate contacts.

c) Brothers has entered a partnership with ACU, through this relationship EDP players are able to receive career guidance and information about various tertiary opportunities which may exist through ACU’s Elite Athlete Program. Identified athletes will also be eligible for Elite Athlete Assistance which will guarantee timetabling and exam relaxation to assist in the athlete’s training load.

The Brothers / Rohrig Partnership

Brothers Rugby Club combines more than 1,200 players from Under 6 through to Premier Rugby. It is one of Australia’s largest rugby clubs, and a significant community hub with the Brothers Touch Association and 7s rugby programs offered to men and women of all age groups. Brothers is the ‘family club’ and plays a key role in Brisbane’s Inner North.

Formed in 1905, Brothers Rugby Club has a long and rich tradition in Rugby Union in Queensland with 83 Internationals, including 8 Wallabies, 1 Kangaroo and 1 Wallaroo. Among the list of notables who have worn the Brothers jersey are six Wallaby captains; JP ‘Jimmy’ Flynn, Des Connor, Paul McLean, Anthony Shaw, Rod McCall and John Eales.

The club has also produced over 200 Queensland players and have won 28 ‘A’ Grade premierships.  Brothers Premier Grade have also contested in 12 of the last 13 finals series, proving to be the most consistent club in the competition.

Off the field, Brothers players are renowned for being proud and active community members, continuously looking for ways to positively impact the lives of those in our community, through rugby and the club.

Rohrig is committed to the success of the Elite Development Program.

Rohrig believe in supporting young men and women and driving positive growth in every aspect of their lives. Rohrig plays a vital role in supporting and driving the program to assist with the transition of players from school and into Premier Grade rugby.  Rohrig sees people as their most important resource and works hard to attract quality people and help them to be the best they can be. Just like the Rohrig Elite Development Program, Rohrig helps their employees grow from good people into great people.

Where possible, Rohrig and its affiliate business partners also help to facilitate career opportunities for our players away from the rugby field.

For more information on the Rohrig Elite Development Program please contact [email protected]



All Little Bros, U6-U16, Junior Colts (U17 & U18), Girls, MRP, Women, Colts & Grades