Crosby Park MasterPlan

About the Proposed Upgrade

Brothers is proposing the upgrade of its facilities and fields, embracing and enhancing the wide-open spaces the community loves and enjoys at Crosby Park, to create an inclusive community sporting hub.


More and more people are using Brothers’ facilities each year, not only to play sport but also for community and recreational purposes.


The proposed upgrade will have a positive impact on all the sporting, community and recreational activities that take place at the Club, including providing improvements to accessibility and participation for people of all ages and abilities.

The revitalisation of the Club’s facilities and fields will also ensure Brothers continues to be integral to the local community, and remains at the forefront of rugby in Australia.

Brothers Masterplan Concept

Over the past five years, Brothers has embarked on an era of change and expansion, one driven by inclusion, equality and innovation. At the forefront of this expansion is the upgrade of its facilities and fields to meet the demand of the Club’s ever-growing user base, delivered in a financially, environmentally and socially sustainable way.


Brothers’ Masterplan Concept for Crosby Park will see the Club areas and facilities upgraded over a 24-month period, with the design deliberately embracing and enhancing the wide open spaces the community loves and enjoys at Crosby Park.

Brothers Proposed Staging Plan

The upgrade is proposed to take place in the following stages:

Stage 1A:

Includes resurfacing the existing sporting fields, upgrading Field Two’s lighting, and creating new seating for spectators.

Stage 1B:

Will see the creation of a new game and training facility containing all provisions required to meet the Queensland Rugby Union’s (QRU) Premier Rugby Field of Play Facilities will include male and female change rooms with improved accessibility, medical facilities, Club gym, canteen facilities, audio-visual provision and Club storage space.

Meeting the evolving requirements of the Club and the community, the facility will also contain space for allied use tenancies, function facilities, kitchen space and extensive spectator seating.

Stage 2:

Includes the Clubhouse upgrade which will considerably improve the facilities, and increase accessibility and participation for people of all ages and abilities. Stage 2 includes more car parking spaces off Crosby Rd to serve the ever-growing numbers of the Club and the extended community, and repositioning and upgrading of the main Club parking facilities to achieve greater efficiency and more parking spaces overall.

Brothers welcomes and supports the growing sporting and community participation, and we are excited to meet the demand for Club facilities.

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We value your input

Results from the Community Consultation period which ended on Friday 15th February 2019.