Crosby Park MasterPlan

Proposed Crosby Park Masterplan Upgrade

It is with much pleasure that we advise the community that we have made positive progress with our masterplan project over the last few months. I reiterate our core vision for the masterplan as being:



To create a modern sporting facility that supports the needs of our community, continues our connection as a family club, is adaptable, is sympathetic to the environment, promotes participation and inclusiveness, and provides a platform for commercial sustainability into the years to come.



Two key events have taken place in recent times:

1. Commencement of Stage 1A

2. Lodgement of Development Application to Brisbane City Council

Commencement of Stage 1A

For those of you who have visited or driven past Crosby Park in recent times, you will see that Jack Ross Oval has been totally re-surfaced. The field has been boarded up to protect the new surface which will be ready for the official opening on Saturday 21st March at the Crosby Park Long Lunch.


Resurfacing of the bottom field – Vic Walsh Oval – will commence at the end of this year (this timing has allowed the club to minimise impact on current pre-season training). Work has also commenced on tiered seating on the eastern side of this field and will be ready in time for the start of the 2020 club season.


Stage 1A is fully funded via a grant made available through Sport Australia’s direct financial support through the Community Sport Infrastructure Program, a program to support community club’s such as our to deliver priority sporting infrastructure for healthier, more active communities which is a key policy of the Federal Government.

Lodgement of Development Application with Brisbane City Council

Following our successful Application for Works to the Brisbane City Council (BCC) in December – the initial process requiring consent from the BCC in its capacity as site owners – we formally lodged our DA just before Christmas. We are now in close liaison with BCC officers to go through and understand the assessment process from here.


Whilst the BCC will proceed through its statutory assessment process which will include advertising for community input, we continue to encourage all stakeholders to have input at any stage which we have been committed to since formally progressing with our plans in 2018 – that is, we want as much community input as possible to ensure that we deliver the best outcome for a multiplicity of stakeholders: our players, other participants/users, club members, neighbours and the local community more broadly.


In saying this, I think it is very important to note that we have taken on feedback and input that has been made to date for this project from the broader community.


Key outcomes of this include:

  • Enhancing the green space frontage from Crosby Road to the playing fields with no loss of any significant trees.


  • Maximising treatment of our beautiful tree canopy including:
    – amending our plans so that the direct impact on trees has reduced from over 50 to approximately 11
    – committing to a 2:1 replanting on trees lost (i.e. 22 new trees to be planted thus resulting in an overall “net gain” of foliage)


  • Reducing the required increase in building footprint to fund the new project. Our new plans see a reduction in the increase in building footprint proposed by 240 sqm. The DA plan lodged proposes an increase from the current footprint of 2,360 sqm to approx. 3,600 sqm (approximately 582 sqm of the increase is for upgrades of playing and training facilities due to increasing users from our female rugby, touch football and Modified Rugby programs and a range of other community uses).  The remaining and additional increase in footprint of approximately 658 sqm will provide commercial sporting opportunities for 3rd party operators providing for a swim school, gym and allied health services uses allowing for the Club to fund upgrades to game, training and community facilities that can’t be met by anticipated government funding programs.


  • Being the first community sporting club in Australia that will have 100% universal change rooms (i.e. can be used by men, women and those with physical and intellectual disabilities). This has reduced the number from 8 to 6 but each is slightly larger to accommodate a wider cross-section of our community. We are extremely excited of the possibility of increased participation not only of women, but also our community who have mental or physical disabilities.


  • Significantly improved and safer on-site parking with:
    –  a new designed car parking which is compliant with all BCC codes
    – enhanced pedestrian access

From Here….

As mentioned above, we are in close liaison with BCC officers to ensure the “final masterplan product” meets all statutory, operational, commercial, community and environmental requirements. The BCC will advertise in due course inviting formal community input into this process, but please feel free to provide any feedback or ask any questions at any stage either via:

Brothers Rugby Club
103 Crosby Rd, Albion, QLD  4010

+61 7 32625484

We value your input

Results from the Community Consultation period which ended on Friday 15th February 2019.