Volunteer for your Club in 2017

We have a thriving club built on the hard work of the entire membership over many years.
If you have a special skill or simply want to get more involved speak with a member of our Committee or contact Tina Storey – our Volunteer Coordinator – by email jacktina2@bigpond.com
We understand time is at a premium and we will be happy to discuss your availability and to customise the type and amount of assistance you provide based on your existing commitments. We're very happy to discuss options with no pressure and absolutely no obligation.

Clubhouse Team Duty Rosters 2017
U6 - U9 Roster

U10 - U11 Roster

U12 - U14 Roster

Brothers Rugby Club needs You!
Parents like you already do so much to help your children and Brothers Rugby Club. Thank you!
Without your involvement in the Club, we would not be able to service the 800+ junior and 300+ colts and grade rugby players across over 70 teams in 2017.

We have expanded our playing facilities over the last two years with the introduction of Windsor Park, implemented a new Coaching System and pathway, and introduced the ground breaking Modified Rugby Program and Brothers Rugby Touch Football Association.

All of our activities require time, funding and most importantly help from the Clubs' parent body.

Over the years we have established a very successful team roster system to assist with training nights and home game days. During the course of the season, you will be asked to help out with these activities. In addition, we have assigned each age group to supporting one of the Club’s key activities.

For the 2017 season, we will assign the following:-

U6-U9 Carnival Day Roster

2017 Camp Out Night U6-U9 - Saturday 10 June

U12-U17 Trophy Night TBA
U6-U11 Trophy Day TBA

If you have ever wondered how you can become further involved to support and provide first hand assistance to our players, we invite you to contact our Volunteer Coordinator - TIna Storey - to become a Club Volunteer.