U12 Mosman Tour 2018 Report - 1 / Jun / 2018

Last weekend, 44 Under 12 Brothers boys and their supporters headed to Sydney to take part in the Mosman tour and compete for the John Eales Shield. The tour in its fourth year, combines some Sydney Harbour activities and social gatherings with rugby games on Saturday and the main event against Mosman on Sunday. The Shield, which is decided by cumulative points scored over all Sunday games, was won by Brothers (71 points to 36) for the third consecutive year and was presented by John himself who quoted while addressing the boys “Brothers is still the best club in Australia”.

The Mosman tour is the epitome of what rugby should stand for … looking after your mates, establishing lifelong friendships and being part of a Club tradition. Let’s hope the 12’s tour continues for many years to come as part of the junior clubman’s journey. Brothers Rugby thank the Mosman Junior Rugby Club for their continued support and the warm welcome they give our Under 12 boys and families.

Tour leader Randall Corless in his recent tour wrap, acknowledged a number of groups of people, who contributed to making this weekend simply fantastic for our Under 12 cohort.

Brothers Rugby Club  – Our Brothers Board, CEO Matt Kaye and his team, who continue to support the “Tour” concept for age groups throughout the Brothers community. 

Katrina Oxenham and Hans Pearson – The ex presidents of both Mosman and Brothers who made this tour become reality 4 years ago as presidents of their respective clubs. They had the vision to bring our clubs together in what we know will be a long lasting friendship and tradition. Katrina and Hans worked extremely hard to ensure this tour was successful in the early days and the weekend just gone, as good as it was, would not have been possible without the foundations being laid by these marvellous people. And as normal, over the weekend in John’s absence, Katrina was the perfect host and MC.

David Clark – ditto re the above, as a first tour leader and the reinventor of Club touring for our junior boys. Thanks for your continued support throughout the planning process and for not getting sick of my never ending dumb questions and discussion around tours.

Jason Neylon – tireless effort mate in assisting with the Brothers merchandise and orders with our clothing provider.

Mosman and Mark Goddard, Tour Coordinator and Age Group Coordinator at Mosman – Wow, what an effort mate. I cannot thank you enough for the cool and calm way you took on the challenge and challenges that this tour brought about. Team organisation, logistics, scheduling, withdrawal by Seaforth, last minute changes etc etc were handled fantastically well by Mark. We welcome you and encourage you to come to Brisbane as a group of Under 13’s and allow us to reciprocate. I also thank you for being so gracious in defeat and acknowledging who were the better team on the day, without excuse! Handing back that Shield to head North again would not have been easy, after it sitting perfectly in your cupboard for two days! It has now been engraved with this year’s result, but sitting atop forever is your Mosman Club as the inaugural winner.

John Eales – How good was it to have one of the Wallaby legends give their time like John did. Thank you John for taking the time to come to the Club on both Friday and Sunday and address the boys and parent groups. Australian Rugby needs more like you right now. Thank you also for your continued support of Brothers Rugby, despite living south of the border.

Rupert McCall – to add to the flavour of such a great weekend, Rupe belts out one of his verses that just rolls off the tongue. Wish I had your ability! Thanks mate.

Brothers Tour Leaders – Chris Parkers, Pete Bayo and Jamie Washington. Never did I doubt there would be any problems in returning 44 boys safely with these gentleman in charge. Thank you gents; outstanding job.

Brothers JRC

Lead Coaches Pete Bayo and Matt Duane and Assistants Mark Connors, Jamie Washington, Brent Fiedler, Damian Mason, Rupert McCall, Michael Kasprowicz and managers Andrew McMaster and Jason Enders – The coaching/managing team, who ensured our boys did our club proud on the field. Surely the hardest job of the tour. You very capably pulled together a group of boys thrown into two teams and came out with the chocolates. Well done.

Ian Astbury – thanks mate for being on hand to look after our injuries and strapping. Some of the dads were looking for the magic sponge on Sunday morning …

Anthony Rohan – thanks for stepping in and helping out in times of need and assisting me herd the supporters group onto Ferries and buses. 

Brothers Admin – Big thanks to Matt Kaye, Karen, Jason and Nicole for the build up to tour, on top of everything else that happens at this club.

Adrian Jager – our age coordinator and the assistance provided in herding 44 boys to register!

Sam Francis – what a super effort to coordinate the chocolate drive. Thank You!

Lee Bodimeade – boys from Mosman loved the tour gifts you provided. I probably should have had one made for all our boys too … hindsight is so easy …

Brother Bear – for being the best mascot you could be. Enjoy your new home with Ethan Lay.

Alliance Airlines and Nicky Clark– Great service and coordination to make our journey a smooth transition. Nicky, your calm and comforting approach to this charter flight made my stresses so much easier. Nothing ever too much trouble. Outstanding!

Canterbury – Thanks for equipping us as the best looking bunch of tourists to ever head south of the border. Appreciate your efforts.

CV Services  – As our major sponsor you made our trip very affordable and accessible to all. Thank you Andrew McMaster.

Other Sponsors -  Thank you for your sponsorship which also contributed to the very well subsidised tour for the boys; we are very thankful to the following ... Arcadia Energy (Anthony Rohan), Junction Rd Physio (Ian and Wendy Astbury), Hutchinson Builders (Jamie Washington) and Marsh Tincknell Chartered Accountants. 

Fundraising – Thanks to the efforts of our players, parents and supporters for contributing and donating to our fundraising effort, which truly made this the best value tour ever. Special thanks to those who donated raffle prizes. Undeniable value for money at less than $500 for a tour to Sydney for the weekend and get what they got!

Audi Brisbane – for the fabulous first prize offered in a tour raffle and support of Brothers Rugby.

Park Regis Cremorne – thank you for not returning my calls and answering my emails a few years back ... we found a better value hotel in the process that accommodated us much better. Apologies for the comments written on Google reviews but they were nothing but the truth. You are a disgrace.

Harbourview Hotel North Sydney – what a beautiful view from the rooms that made all who chose to stay home very very jealous. Thank you!   

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – next time you go round, please pick a wedding date that is not the Mosman tour weekend. The big screen was for the rugby.

Waringah Bowls Club – apologies for the damage to the lower green. 80 boys playing Red rover is not great for lawn bowls the next day … but you allowed it, and we thank you.

Saturday/Game One Sunday Referee  – thank you Sir for providing both Mosman and Brothers families plenty to talk about on Saturday night. The sign at the ground says “This is not the Bledisloe Cup, it is a junior rugby game. Treat the referees and opposition with respect.” Suggest you take a good read and put that into place in reverse, you boffin. Sending boys off with yellow cards at the slightest suggestion of an indiscretion might just be killing the game and guess what, rugby doesn’t need that right now cause Israel is having a good crack at that on his own. I also suggest you take off the dark glasses and have a good look in the mirror … the game is not about you! #knob PSNext time you send someone off with a yellow card, talk to him with humility rather than treating him as though he belongs in Pentridge. Can’t remember the last time an 11 or 12 year old did something with malice on a rugby field … and certainly not my son, again, you boffin. 

Tour parents and supporters – A great group of people, who know how to enjoy themselves and did their best to ensure the tour was a success #runoutofbundy?

The Players – Our boys conducted themselves in a manner that should make their parents very proud. On the rugby field, in transit, at billets homes and in public they displayed that youthful, cheeky enthusiasm we would all like back, but did it with respect and courtesy. Mark Goddard’s comments on Sunday said it all. I could not be prouder of each and every one of you. 

Did I forget anyone? If so, I apologise and thank you for your contribution.

Was it a successful weekend? Before the weekend, the coaches and management were told ... the weekend will be measured as a success in terms of:

All boys getting a fair go, the boys play with a different group of boys, each team supports the other with conviction, the parent group says how great it was without complaint  about their boy’s treatment and the boys rave about how fun it was. And if we win, loud and clear, that is a bonus. I want to build culture, give the boys an experience they will talk about for a long time.    

And the Tour Leaders were told the overall weekend would be measured in terms of:

I would think we would want to ensure the culture amongst the age group at Brothers Rugby is enhanced; new friendships are facilitated both at a player and supporter level; the entire group reports a fabulous weekend and become enthused about their future as a Brothers Player/Supporter.

Mission Accomplished!

With every good wish to you all for your future as a Brothers Rugby Club Player and Supporter.

With humbleness and sincerity

Randall Corless