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The Rohrig Elite Development Squad provides a pathway for emerging rugby talent to fast track, up skill and maximise their development after their school years. 

 It offers young players the opportunity to be part of a supportive and spirited community and to train and play with one of the largest rugby clubs in Australia.

 The program is designed to further the participants’ potential on and off the field, by building rugby skills, life skills and fitness.  They receive high quality coaching, education, and mentoring from some of Queensland leading professionals and sports coaches. 

Established in 2014, the Squad has already in its short history helped a large number of players to progress their rugby career to new heights.  Highlights include some of our players being selected for the Australian U20’s training squad, Queensland U20’s, Australian Barbarians, and the NRC competition. Not to mention, six of our players from our Elite Development Squad helped steer Brothers to our recent Premier Grade premiership.

About the Rohrig EDS Program

The program is designed to build physical strength, ability and mental fitness as well as give the players life skills that set them up for a lifetime of success.  We also work closely with each squad member to help them achieve their off-field goals, and where appropriate, open up opportunities for employment.

The intensive high performance off and pre-season program is designed to fast track, up skill and maximise player development.  Each individual receives strength, conditioning and recovery training, skills training, diet and nutrition coaching, goal setting and reviews and player mentoring.

Strength, Conditioning and Recovery

Each player is given an individualised rugby specific gym program and monitored closely by our strength and conditioning Coach Ricky Dumigan, formerly of ACT Brumbies and Melbourne Rebels.

Skills Training

Training sessions focus on individual core skills, position specific skill development, as well as individual skill deficiency work.

Goal Setting and Reviews

Each player is required to set a series of goals in strength and conditioning, training and playing to aid in improved performance as well as off field goals for a balanced program.

Player Mentoring

Each player is assigned a mentor who will be included in goal setting and reviewing, as well as providing advice for both on and off the field endeavours. Mentors are ex and current Brothers Rugby players, led by former Reds and Wallabies Captain Paul McLean.


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Tom Moloney

Brothers Premier Grade

NRC – Melbourne Rising

Melbourne Rebels

  “For guys like myself, who want to make a career out of playing footy, the Rohrig EDS was a step forward in learning how to become a pro footy player.”


 Angus Fowler

Brothers Premier Grade

Qld Under 20s

Australian Under 20s

  “With the help of Ben McCormack and some really great coaches and mentors, the Rohrig EDS has put me in really good stead for my first season of Premier Colts.”


 Ben Hyne

Brothers Premier Grade

NRC – Brisbane City


  “Ben McCormack has helped me a lot, he has definitely been a big influence in my career so far. He’s really shown a personal interest in me and helped me out at every stage along the way.”


The Rohrig EDS Selection Process

The squad targets school age Queensland rugby players who have been identified as having the potential to play Premier Grade rugby within the next three years.

Players are selected based on performances in both school and club competition and their perceived performance potential.

The selection process begins each year from September, with talent identified and interviewed over several months.  Offers are officially made in writing by November 1 of each year.

Rohrig is committed to the success of the Elite Development Squad


Rohrig believe in supporting young men and driving positive growth in every aspect of their lives, and have partnered with the program to support the transition of our players from school and into Premier Grade rugby. 

Where possible, Rohrig and its affiliate business partners also help to facilitate career opportunities for our players away from the football field. We have several current EDS players that have qualified and are working in various trades of the construction industry whilst progressing their football career.

Rohrig sees people as their most important resource and work hard to attract good people and help them to be the best they can be.  Just like the Rohrig Elite Development Quad, Rohrig help their employees grow from good people into great people.

For further information on the Rohrig Elite Development Squad please contact Ben McCormack, Elite Development Squad Coach at